Episode 47 Geek Apocalypse podcast with Andrew Hackard/ why tabletop gaming is awesome!


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Doing the Geek Apocalypse Podcast is pretty amazing and last may I got the opportunity to go to uk games expo in birmingham which was literally like walking in lego land for board game fans like myself. I had the biggest nerdgasm walking around getting to see all the toys available to play and get to share my passion with other like minded people who were just as enthuasistic. That’s what’s so great about being a geek or nerd, you can be open about what you love and find people that share the same passions, fears and insecurities as you do. but the biggest thing is that it is ok to be who you are, as long as your the normal things we want people to be, kind , honest, grateful etc

Anyway I digress! I met several great people and interviewed people for episode 15 and 16 of uk games expo and top of my list was Mr Andrew Hackard. I wanted on here to explain that the reason for this was because of two things, munchkin and tabletop. I played munchkin for the first time something like 10 years ago and it was one of those pillows of geekiness that shifted me from pretending to be someone else, but focus on being who I actually was, a geek that was afraid of being one, like several other people I knew. Also, Andrew was on tabletop, the show by wil wheaton and felicia day that finally kicked me up the arse to say, ‘look you like this, why are you ignoring this?’ so I started going to board game clubs and explored making it a hobby that I loved.

Andrew was super nice that day, I sat through his seminar and was gracious in giving me time to talk to him before it on the podcast. but what meant a lot to me, was later that day. I had came on my own to that convention for financial reasons, and was waiting for my train, and Andrew came over to me and I spent the whole time talking to me till I left, about half an hour, and it was so nice of him to do that. I said at the time that board game guys are really the nicest people I have met and they generally are!

so fast forward to this week, and Andrew agreed to do a full podcast with me! we talk meeting at uk games expo, working for Steve Jackson, Andrews experience being on the great board game web series Tabletop, his friendship with Wil Wheaton and thoughts on Geek and Sundry! We also talk the Munchkin franchise, conventions, new upcoming games such as ogre and its upcoming expansion, as well as upcoming games Munchkin Adventure Time and the remake of car wars! and really everything else board games related! super fun podcast and a real interesting guest!

we recommend you have a look at www.sjgames.com to find more info on everything Steve Jackson games is up to! You can also follow Andrew on twitter @RedPenOfDoom !

you can find the podcast here at http://www.geekapocalypse.com/shows or on itunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/geek-apocalypse/id626098673?mt=2  or simply search for geek apocalypse!




Merry Christmas from Geek Apocalypse

So its another Christmas! As I sit down after another dose of lovely Christmas dinner at my sisters, surrounded by people I care for and love, I sincerely hope you are having a lovely Christmas day figuring out something to do before doctor who comes on! I mean…..what else is christmas for?? *phone rings* hello? what do you mean giving gifts? wheres your whovian spirit!


this was the sight early in the morning of my nephew Sam’s new present , notice the two adults in the frame? sure this present is just for my 6 year old nephew?



the table, pretty awesome thanks sis!



My family eating said meal,the one ordering people around is my nephew 😛


So on behalf of everyone associated With Geek Apocalypse, from contributors to co hosts, web helpers and I’m sure everyone whose been a guest on our show, can I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas! As I say in my show, I hope the festive holiday finds you enjoying being a geek even more than usual 🙂

may the geek be with you…always! Merry Xmas!




p.s the next episode of geek apocalypse podcast with be released on the 28th with Andrew Hackard, due to itunes needing its beauty sleep this week!


Episode 46 Geek Apocalypse podcast with Kirsten Murray Borbjerg!

We recorded a Fun extended Podcast this week with the lovely Kirsten Murray Borbjerg! We talk Comic books, youth work, her danish heritage, english characteristics, big bang theory,being a geek and much more! really lovely women! We also meantion at the end my bike accident that she was unfortunately witness too, but as we say, everything has a silver lining! Wow ….such a hippy! Tis available on itunes and http://www.geekapocalypse.com

Kirsten also meantioned a rather scary doll she owns so here a picture of the doll we were referring to

doll kirsten

think you’ll agree, pretty scary!

Couple of things I need to meantion, the next podcast is with the Brilliant Andrew Hackard that I have already recorded, but itunes are taking a break so it will be released on the 28th rather than christmas day as originally planned! boo hoo mr itunes! Its an epicly fun podcast though so can’t wait for you to hear it!

Our new web series has a twitter account @failureseries and as always you can follow us @geek_apocalypse

so until I speak again! Merry Christmas my fellow geeks! 🙂

Hosted Episode online

Drew and Steven record at Drews house in gateshead to talk geeky subjects! we talk world war z and other films like deathproof, we also share cameras and production stories, thoughts on Brian Griffin’s death, photography, film and comic con and much more geeky fun times! that should be a newspaper-geeky fun times! note to patent office…the episode is available on itunes and http://www.geekapocalypse.com/shows 

you can follow Drew on twitter @the_imagesmith and the new podcast @podcastagainsth and ofcourse us on twitter @geek_apocalypse. We have also made an account for the new web series @failureseries !

I did a video blog where I talk Geek apocalypse related news here!

twitter account for web series!

For those that don’t know, Geek Apocalypse is currently in the process of making a brand new web series called Looking forward to failure that will be kickstarted early next year! I will write a bigger blog post about how the idea came about in the future and i do hope it goes the way I want it to! aka getting it made but thats kinda obvious!

So if that sounds like fun please do follow the account @failureseries and I will try to update it as often as I can! In the meantime heres is a video blog I did talking about the web series and other fun things we are up to!

Steven on NE1.fm today!

ne1 fm logo

Steven will be on regional radio station Ne1.fm in Newcastle as a guest for Mark and Vivs show at 1pm where he will be revealing loads of exclusive upcoming content for Geek Apocalypse! So if your in the Newcastle area please have a listen or listen online here:  http://www.ne1fm.net/listen/

Enjoy being a  geek!