Geek Fest Version 1.0 this saturday!! (22nd feb)

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Geek Apocalypse expands with Podcast against humanity!

one of the things I always wanted When I started this brand, website and podcast was for Geek Apocalypse to get better, improve and expand slowly and surely and to have that happen within the first year is just amazing!

To give you a little context into how this happened, I have known Drew since we became friends through going to play board games at Newcastle gamers , where we discovered amongst other things our love for the board game Lords of Waterdeep and generally our love for all things geeky! After contributing in being part of the Geek Apocalypse Podcast co host guys, for example when we went to the awesome Screencon and Drew got to meet mr rimmer aka Chris Barrie for the first time, he came to me with the idea of expanding the network with a show where guests come around a table and play the brilliant cards against humanity card game! Genius Idea! So that’s exactly what we have done!

It made me think of what I said in the first blog post about the idea of Geek Apocalypse way back at the start of last year:

‘The main focus of the Geek Apocalypse name is to develop a podcast where I have a conversaton with artists, performers, basicly curious interesting people about a variety of projects, and give as much time for them to answer without the annoyance of hitting bullet points or endlessly plugging events. the progress after is to make  a live podcast for an audience 6 times a year and to do variations of web videos for our YouTube channel. There will be other podcast presenters doing a variety of different shows and will be taking new presenters on as the website develops!’

to achieve that still within the first year of starting this is amazing, so I need to feel more grateful for that and realise what I am doing is worthwhile and it is making a difference.

So please do check out our awesome and funny new show @podcastagainsth here and subscribe to it so you can get the next episode as soon as its released! Episode 2 is hilarious as Drew goes back to essex to play the game with his brother and his old mates!

So please spread the word But mainly….enjoy being a geek!





Claire Kelly Ep44 Geek Apocalypse podcast online!


Fun show this week as Steven visits Jazz singer and entrepreneur Claire Kelly in her home in Newcastle! We talk how she got into jazz music, her charity work in Malaysia next year,Her business ventures including making clothes for circus performers and being a youth worker! We also have a fun debate about being an entrepreneur and working as a freelancer and also Claire talks about The Jazz Man Documentary currently on kickstarter.

you can find the show at or on itunes by typing in Geek Apocalypse!

You can find all the info about Claire by going onto her site!


Lee Paul Band interviews online

We had a  great opportunity to interview some friends of ours Lee Paul plus support last weekend and weve started putting them up on our youtube channel here:

heres the latest one with support band Ourselves and Us

We also did a podcast with Lee Paul Band members Brian, Alex and their manager Ian that you can find on our website or itunes

We are planning to do more interviews for our youtube channel in the future as well as some more original content so if that sounds like fun please subscribe to our youtube channel and this blog!

may the geek go on!

Hesse Vlog Episode 2!

We recorded a podcast this week with Jamjar Cinema thats being realised the start of next week, but we also did a Video Blog there in the cimena where Steven talks going to Screencon, his accident two weeks ago and A podcast milestone! Also as usual some Geek Apocalypse news!  Hope you enjoy!

Screencon 2013 pictures/podcast

craig and chris with mark percyLast weekend in particular the 12th October was a brilliantly geeky day. And when I say day..we literally bleed all that we could from the wound that was that saturday! I had to get up at 6.30am! on a saturday!  I kept thinking this is why I do not want to be a milkman. to quote Robin Williams, ‘I was a vampire on a day pass’ That’s how weird my mind works but in a sense, I’m still impressed that I think like a dork at such an early time of day. (picture is with my mate Mark Percy who is hosting and will be on the podcast soon!)

I met my friend Drew at around 9 in Newcastle as luckily he was talking just as much as me about how excited he was to meet the guests and go to the con. Its a shame we never got the chance to record the talk where drew realised that the only Red Dwarf cast member he had not met was Chris Barrie, while the only one I hadn’t met was Craig Charles! we amused ourselves at how much of a geek we were being by saying it was a decades long quest we were completing! (we play Lords of Waterdeep together, and as I say we are geeks, deal with it! Don’t hit me!) So we head on the metro to the park hotel in Tynemouth and on the small walk from the station we spot a Bentley driving past us to which i say to Drew ‘you know, Chris Barrie drives a Bentley you know?’ to which drew spent the next five minutes repeatingly asking ‘Do you reckon that was really him?’.  like I say we were excited!

(funniest image ever! the guy in the middle is like ‘Im not going to get between this!’)

predator versus bunny

The first thing we noticed when we got there was hot packed it was, which made me happy. Anyone reading this in America or London or any major city that has regular cons will be going ‘get over it Steven’ or simply shouting ‘NERD’ but you don’t understand. We never have conventions here and ScreenCon earlier in the year started this interest and now conventions are thinking of coming regularly. I never thought growing up that I would have the courage or even the opportunity to go to something like this! I did feel bad where I went straight to the front of a 200+ people line and went ‘I’m media I’m looking for Dan please?’ I would just like to underline I would of queued! These are my people! But we had interviews to be had and I was sooooo excited!

mr flibble!sparrow and chris

The first thing we did is take a look around and I have to say I think Screencon did a great job with the stalls and organisation. Plenty of things to have a look around! including some great film props that drew and I were worried we would break and go to jail for!

gun photodavid prowse

(Darth Vader signing Darth Vader!)

I am privileged to get the opportunity to talk to the some of the guests at the con. we managed to talk to Pam Rose (star wars,batman,superman) about george lucas, her role in star wars a new hope and working with David Tennant! Paul Gerrard (Battle LA,Wrath of the titans) about being a concept designer, how to promote yourself as an artist and exclusive talk about future projects Teenage mutant ninja turtles and Hellraiser. Ian Whyte (AVP,Harry Potter,Game of thrones, prometheus) talks to us about being the predator in AVP,Harry Potter,his career in basketball, working with Ridley Scott and upcoming projects Hercules with the rock and the bbc soap doctors! We then talk to Caroline munro (jamesbond, dracula) about the spy who loved me,british horror, horror studios recent comeback, and advice for young actresses! And if thats not all, we talk to Chris Barrie (red dwarf, tomb raider, brittas empire) about Red Dwarf Dimension Jump Convention, an exclusive response about the new series and All things red dwarf, with Chris doing a very special ending to the podcast!! now breathe!

you can find the podcast here or on itunes! 

Heres some photos of me doing the interview with a special thanks to Drew for helping with the podcast and the event itself. After the event we went to Newcastle Gamers to play board games till three in the morning! So bit of a long day. Also I was still recovering from fractured ribs! Your welcome!


me and rimmer

me and Chris Barrie, such an awesome guy!




Paul Gerrard


Me and Paul gerrard who is doing a full podcst in future!


ian whyte and me


Me and former eagle! Ian Whyte! man he is tall!


pam rose and the stormtrooper running away


‘my favourite photo, ‘we see you stormtrooper! Protect the princess!’

craig and chrisbatman cosplay


caroline steven


Me and the Beautiful Caroline Munro! 



simon bamford steven


the lost interview but simon is on the podcast in two weeks! The next podcast we are releasing is with James cook about his sci fi project Cassini II which sounds amazing and is well worth a listen! We are also recording a video blog Tomorrow so please checkout our youtube channel and subscribe!