Id like this to be more speech

It may surprise people to know that I am very often disappointed with the way things are, and supposedly how everything is meant to work. I very often look at the way society is and how it manipulates how we feel and what we can and cant do, and I cant help but feel disappointed. If you feel that something makes you feel like a million dollars, then why do you not do it more often? And if you look at our excuses…what are they? I’m busy with other things, i need to see other people, what will other people think if i did? And i often look at the bigger picture of, what did i do with my life if I reach my death bed and get to look back? well I spent all my energy on people that i hope one day will change and turn out they didn’t? or did i spend what time and energy I had on this earth with people who respect me, love me and want me to be the best version of me possible, through the good and bad.

you see, i think we spend our time searching for something in our life, without exploring what we have already more.All I know that I want to connect, i want to grow, I want to explore, and I want to share what I have with the people i respect and love, and I dont want to wait anymore.

So i guess what im saying is, id like this to be more, by doing more.


ironman 3 trying to be too fast..too furious

To convey how much of a geek I am, It actually hurts writing this description and the title saying that Ironman 3 was a disappointment! I know geeks it hurts doesn’t it? it also bugs me to when I went to see fast and furious 6 (which was against my will to some degree, but it was cheap cinema night), that I figured out what I think iron man did wrong with the latest installment. again, I’m not dissing the fast and furious franchise, it does what it’s supposed to do, but as a geek ironman means  more to me, and I really didn’t enjoy it as I should of done and I’m trying to figure out why. ill admit downey junior is an attractive man, deal with it! you ever played the I would turn gay for game? well he would be up there, I’m just saying…….

So I go to see fast and furious a few days ago, and I like the rock, and I’ve liked Vin Diesal in pitch black which is in my DVD collection, and I have seen the first few installments of F and F. I told one of my best friend Scott that fast and furious to me is a lot like the need for speed video game franchise, i end up falling into the trap of buying it, but I always end up being disappointed. I do like cars, those who live in the uk will know that it is pretty much unavoidable with top gear a motoring show being very popular here. One of my favourite films is gone in 60 seconds, but I’m not that bothered by customising cars, never liked pimp my ride either for example. I think I like gone in 60 seconds because they steal the real cars, not ones with unnecessary graffiti and the biggest spoiler known to man! its a bit like any technology that glitters up something that doesn’t improve its function or purpose. I’m quite the practical  person…….in terms of suggesting, I cant practically make or create anything ,I just wanted to underline what i meant. If  you want something to break easily, I’m your guy!

anyway where was I? i know i said i wouldn’t diss fast and furious, but as i said earlier, I had only seen the first few fast and furious films, but you know what your going to see when people say to you ‘agh it don’t matter you’ll get it’. I mean It doesn’t have to be a complicated plot but come on! So we sit down and watch fast 6 and……… I liked it! Exactly what I expected but it was made well and it entertained me. Its abit like Wil Wheaton said he went to see piranha 3D and thought it did exactly what he needed it to do, regardless how good it was. So I get why sometimes you don’t need to have to watch a vastly complicated thing and just want to half switch off and enjoy it. Kinda like the board game muchkin, screw roleplay and character development lets just kill everything, or in the case of fast and furious blow shit up. So in that sense it did achieve what it set out to do, and the friends I went with say it was the best fast and the furious, it certainly was from the ones I have seen. remember when it was direct to dvd? exactly!

It was funny though, because as I walked out of the cinema having seen the film, Scott turns to me and says ‘you know, I did enjoy that much more than Ironman’ , and he literally read my mind. I found myself disappointed for the exact same reasons, but just to clarify, I really am one of the annoying people that analyses films far more than actually enjoying it, that how much of a geek i am. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Geek more than anything, but sometimes even I get annoyed at myself for being so curious I stop enjoying things. I sometimes go ‘just fucking enjoy it man!’ it only ever goes badly when I accidently say that outloud….

Anyway, I realised walking out why ironman didn’t work this time round, regardless of how much I love the avengers. And I do love avengers, Tony Stark was always my favourite because I always thought…if I get money I can totally be like him’ which is always how you think when your like 6 years old! ‘yeah i can totally do that, getting unlimited resources and be a brilliant engineer! that’s no trouble at all!’ Hey, if we didn’t have dream where would we be? exactly! But regardless of that, the mistake marvel and Shane Black i think made was it became too much like the films we see too much of recently. High Action and flair but the story telling aspect of comic books I felt was lost in ironman 3. I liked the humour, but the actual situation that they were in , holding the world ransom with killer human bombs, never felt real. theres one particular scene which i felt nearly ruined it for me, where something happens which you think, ‘Tony would be devastated here’ but he just isn’t. Right after there is a funny bit involving his suit, and my reaction was ‘ that ruins the whole reason for having the final fight scene in the docks’. Thats because the plot is based on Tony’s reason for going, and when it does happen, Tony doesn’t seem to care? to me that doesn’t make sense.

Don’t get me wrong, It was polished, well made, but my point is what big budget film is not made well, with the special effects being as good as they are? they made terminator salvation watchable for example, that’s how good CGI can be these days! And I think ultimately that was what made it disappointing for me, I never felt involved enough in the story, and as lacking in plot the fast and furious was, it was much more involving simply because the characters didn’t mess with laughing at the plot when they were setting it. And that’s not knocking fast and furious, just in a simple sense they treated it seriously because they had to make some sort of a plot to have an excuse to make the film in the first place.  iroman has the luxury of having years of history behind it which means people like me will go and see it regardless of how good the film is.

My worry with all this special effects, as good as it is, that even with the great marvel universe that I love, that they are losing the focus on what makes stories interesting and create the experience you want when watching a film like this.  This is the problem when something gets so successful that people that make the decisions the higher it gets up the ladder don’t care as much about what film they are making story wise. Having just looked at the numbers ironman 3 has made over a billion dollars which makes it in the top ten of most successful films ever made. But that’s exactly it, you don’t have to care, or at least studios don’t have to, but it would be so nice that they try, because at the end of the day, your not meant to leave the cinema feeling disappointed, but i sadly feel that i may be in a minority based on the amount that went to see it.

so marvel, I know you care, please push to make the story the heart of the film, and don’t be just another fast and the furious, because they do that better than anyone, therefore, your not being who I know you can be. I’m sure now that I’ve said that ,Stan will be taking notes!

you welcome!

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