Interview with NTG online now!


I did an interview with Next Level Guy a while ago talking about being a geek and got to answer some questions about it for their website via a video interview! so here it is here,please have a look as I really enjoyed it 🙂


being a geek=being yourself

I watched a interview recently with fellow Geek Wil Wheaton today where he talked about the great film Stand by me  and I felt a strong sense of emotion. In the first few minutes he said such a simply profound thing of that if your a geek chances are your a very insecure person. To be totally frank, it affected me because he is absolutely right. And I wanted to say why here for whatever reason and find other ways to bore you I haven’t previously explored.

Well firstly, it pretty much underlines that I am insecure, and I do not pretend otherwise. But What I think is key in saying that is that I am very much insecure because I am aware of the mortality that I face as a human being. I think that conveys what geeks are like, because of their curiousity and intrigue, you know the bad facts in life as well as the good ones. To give you an example of what I’ve done today other than work, watched family guy episodes including the star wars triology, read three books Nerdist way and long way down and a book on titanic, watched two Neil Degrass Tyson lectures on physics, listened to two albums and two episodes of the nerdist podcast, watched two episodes of bill Maher’s including one comedy special and played two hours of dragon age RPG as well as played two video games and played guitar. My brain still does not feel nourished.  The feeling to me is that it never will, because geeks always want to learn.

And that in a nutshell l is really why we are all geeks. We even in a basic sense learn something everyday, are interested in something beyond someone you knows understanding and whether we like it or not, we re in some way or another insecure about something. The difference is Geek’s admit it because the truth is far more important and bearable that living a lie.

Its one of the few things that keeps me going, learning and being curious, and just like me being a geek, that will never change…….I’m proud of that.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

We are featured on Sky Tyne and Wear! revised new

What a weird turn of events mr bond! how cool would that be james bond reading blogs? and not only that but my blog? agh to dream but thats why I am a geek! Sky Tyne and Wear acknowledge this and were kind enough to do a feature about Geek Apocalypse which is frigging awesome!

I have a few people to thank in regards to it happening and also to mention that I have been ill for the last week, hence why I sound like I belong in the Godfather in the video and on the last podcast. So apologies for that and looking like i needed to cough because….well I needed to cough! Huge thanks need to go to Mike for agreeing to let us use the Travelling Man shop and Jenni from sky tyne and wear who was patient in getting what he needed of me and the guys! I really want to thank Robbie Lee Hurst and Mike Mcconnell for agreeing to turn up and help me with the feature, I really appreciate it! Coincidently, the next podcast will feature Robbie and Mike which we will be recording on Tuesday the 30th june! what are the chances! 🙂

so heres where you can find the video hope you enjoy and thankyou for the support! 🙂

Comic Books, Card Games And Consoles: Newcastle Geek’s ‘Apocalypse’ Website – Sky Tyne and Wear

Geek apocalypse is born!!

land of the geeks

I had a dream once, well ok many a dream. Mainly to reach the far edges of the galaxy, and to appear on star trek just like Tom Morello had a cameo in star trek voyager or create a megadrive game to rival as much fun as toejam and earl. Or a basketball player, to see and hear the net on the basket make that lovely swoosh sound as I drain a three from downtown, thousands cheering as that shot wins my team the nba championship. I know chances are that will never happen, but still, I get immense joy simply watching star trek, admiring basketball and respecting the skill that’s needed in creating video games, simply any art form that inspired me and continues to in my twenties.

Therefore I had an idea. An idea I’ve had for quite a while, to create things that are close to me, and also talk about the influences, the…

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