Lee Paul Band interviews online

We had a  great opportunity to interview some friends of ours Lee Paul plus support last weekend and weve started putting them up on our youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4FDW9DqtePW-bDZXyUDRQ

heres the latest one with support band Ourselves and Us

We also did a podcast with Lee Paul Band members Brian, Alex and their manager Ian that you can find on our website http://www.geekapocalypse.com/shows or itunes

We are planning to do more interviews for our youtube channel in the future as well as some more original content so if that sounds like fun please subscribe to our youtube channel and this blog!

may the geek go on!


My Music, thoughts and updates

wow its been three weeks since I updated this blog, I really need to keep up with this! Which is only fair to talk about why I have had a break in posting here.

Firstly I got given a summer contract to work as a youth worker which was totally unexpected, so I went from having a free summer to getting offered a contract that I couldn’t turn down. Gutter as I had so much plans such as going to Edinburgh fringe! Not that I’m complaining. Maybe at some point I will write about the disadvantages and advantages of being freelance, because definitely one thing that’s a shame is no paid holidays. But anyway I digress!

The two major things I have been working on is my web series and Geek Apocalypse gigs in Newcastle!  We are progress well in both of them and I am going to meetings and trying to find a principal cast for the show so I can then plan on when we are going to make it so I can then kickstart it and see if we can get the money, What I can say about it is I’m very excited about it and I’m proud of it so I really want to see it made. but the thing is its still early days and rather a slow burner until we are ready to put the thing up! but lets see what we can do and I plan on doing a video blog as my new thing so in the first one I will talk about it!! So ill keep you posted!

In all honesty though I cant see that happening to middle of next year, but I am trying With my friend James to do the gigging by the end of the year. So if we can do that we will. I want it to be different than an open mic or brand new gig in that I want to use the people we both know to make it a multi layered event. Ill say no more just in case it doesn’t happen but I’m confident it will but what I will say is I will be hosting if it does and i think it will be well worth doing if it does happen.

The one thing though that I have been doing now that I am finished work is playing guitar a huge amount. I never had time in the past other than teaching kids guitar when I taught at the beginning of the year. So the mice are once again hanging themselves in my house as I’ve been writing and singing a lot and here are some of the results!  I will be posting regularly again from now on so please do subscribe to my blog if you can handle the pain! also our latest episode of the podcast featuring Cal Fraser will be online later at http://www.geekapocalypse.com and itunes! 

I’m away for 6 days from today in bury St Edmonds and I may be posting if i can get internet there 🙂