Id like this to be more speech

It may surprise people to know that I am very often disappointed with the way things are, and supposedly how everything is meant to work. I very often look at the way society is and how it manipulates how we feel and what we can and cant do, and I cant help but feel disappointed. If you feel that something makes you feel like a million dollars, then why do you not do it more often? And if you look at our excuses…what are they? I’m busy with other things, i need to see other people, what will other people think if i did? And i often look at the bigger picture of, what did i do with my life if I reach my death bed and get to look back? well I spent all my energy on people that i hope one day will change and turn out they didn’t? or did i spend what time and energy I had on this earth with people who respect me, love me and want me to be the best version of me possible, through the good and bad.

you see, i think we spend our time searching for something in our life, without exploring what we have already more.All I know that I want to connect, i want to grow, I want to explore, and I want to share what I have with the people i respect and love, and I dont want to wait anymore.

So i guess what im saying is, id like this to be more, by doing more.


ignorance is a powerful enemy

ignorantIsn’t it such a shame that we live in a world where there are so many people that think they are in the right to say what they want, do what they like, without any consequences? without thinking twice about what they are doing? I write this on a day where after watching the football derby between Newcastle United and Sunderland, that not only that we(Newcastle) lost but that the match has been completely forgotten by uncaring, couldn’t give a fuck about football barely human beings who choose to attack Sunderland fans after the game.

Now I’m sure that there is another angle about the story that the news has probably overlooked, and I’m sure those involved will try and blame it by the usual 10 year old excuse of ‘well he/she/they started it) frankly, I couldn’t care less, because that is fundamentally not what the problem is. The problem is the sheer ignorance and malcontent of this whole situation that really makes me question the world we live in. The sheer fact that someone wishes to harm someone else over losing a football match I find unbelievable. The reason being? It has absolutely nothing to do with football. Many hooligans use this as an excuse to fight knowing fully we’ll that most often than not it’s harder to get caught or arrested when there’s hundreds of you as opposed to two drunken idiots on a random night out fighting over ‘looking at my girlfriend funny’. If this was a game where 50,000 people were watching two penguins trying to mate, there would still be these people using this as an excuse by saying, ‘I wanted the one with the bigger flippers to win, I’m gonna punch you in the face!’

I say that knowing the serious of the situation, but I say this as a Newcastle fan, yes I was gutted and pissed off by the way we played, but at no point did I think the Sunderland fans were to blame and that violence was the answer to my disappointment. you know why? because Its just a game, yes it matters to people and it always will, but the problem is that they think it matters after the game ends. And that’s because these pricks are going out and causing the trouble because they are so ignorant about the subject, so unable to look at themselves and go, ‘I really should deal with my violent nature’ , that They should realise its built in that person to behave that way when they don’t get their way. that’s exactly why violence is used by these fuck wits  to manipulate and punish someone who doesn’t agree with what you want or think should happen.They are too ignorant to realise that they should blame, if they really care about football, how shit our team played, and then once that feeling ends naturally to get on with their life. the phrase ‘I live and breathe football’ should never be used as a term, because frankly, there is millions  of other things you should also be interested in, and one ultimately should be that there is far more important things in life ahead of how your sport teams doing that you should be concentrating on.

There’s also a level of ignorance that’s going to be hit at us Geordie’s now that I implore everyone who thinks this to reconsider: which is blaming every Geordie as violent, drunken fools who go looking for trouble. This is something that really is being promoted by irresponsible journalism and productions that promote stereotypes and put a minority into a majority representation of a society that simply isn’t realistic or balanced. This will be and already has been promoted in the sense of ‘geordies at it again’ when we already have the indignity of shows like Geordie shore that promote us in completely a bad light. Just as it is ignorant for people to say all Newcastle football fans are hooligans, I’m not ignorant to say there aren’t people like this out there, but just as geordie shore puts geordie in the title and claims thats what they are, is just like putting football in front of hooligans. they are hooligans and are outside of football, and they don’t belong anywhere in society not just being banned from getting into a football stadium.

I’ve been a fan of football as long as I can remember, but it would be ignorant of me to think football is blameless and heres why.If you look at football as a whole, it does have a lot to answer in terms of way it represents itself. players get more more per week then some people do in their entire lifetime, and club now builds up millions and millions of pounds worth of debt and still survive every year exempt from economic crisis, and most players who get the limelight are adultery ridden, air rifle shooting, prostitute shagging idiots. Football in general really needs to have a serious look at itself in the multi million pound mirror and do more in creating a good example for the people that watch it. The example that always springs to mind was we had two people at our club years ago that were on the same team fought on the pitch (all that was missing was the handbags). Now because it was on the pitch no action was taken against them, but if it was off the pitch they surely would have been arrested? or the air rifle shooting where a famous player shot a student at a training ground and it was laughed off as ‘footballers, aren’t they a laugh?!’. The same idiots that are being violent are the same ones that are looking at footballers who are get away with it and are probably thinking ‘well if they can get away with it, so can we!’ Also, if you look at some of the tackling that’s in the game at the moment, some of the players are becoming irresponsible and violent in their two footed lunges that could potentially harm the other player that it’s getting harder and harder to like the game any more.  Also,  more often than not these type of things don’t get the attention of ‘we need to do something about this for the integrity of the game’ by the people who can do something bout it……not mentioning any names…..fifa! Fa! Shit! me and my mouth!

Now I’ve seen a lot of people saying that, ‘I can’t believe people would do this, there will be children there’ which of course is not nice at all, but really I think there’s  much larger point to be made. Society in general needs to start respecting human beings again, whether they are old,young, mature, thick or thin, mario or luigi..Its a bit like people who has baby on board stickers at the back of their car, like the person behind will say ‘well I won’t ram into the back of that car then’ . Or that if its your grandma they’d  say ‘well I can ram into the back of that car because…its only grandma!’. grandma, child or any other human life is just as important, and we are all in this society together so we all have to make that more conservative effort to respect everyone and get the respect back.. I’m a libertarian in that I believe you can do what you want, providing you don’t inhibit someone else or hurt anyone else to do so. violence has no place in this world, if you can’t handle somebody being different, whether its looks, interests, appearance, opinions, that you feel the need to attack them for it, you have no rights at all to be respected. because you clearly don’t respect anyone else.

As I started the blog I said ‘Isn’t it such a shame that we live in a world where there are so many people that think they are in the right to say what they want, do what they like, without any consequences? without thinking twice about what they are doing?’ you can do what you like and say what you want in society as long as you think of the consequences, and if it hurts someone, you don’t do it. But that requires two thoughts, therefore I’m not sure these thugs can handle it.

all that remains to say is even though hooligans are just hooligans, it seems football is not a funny game anymore, and I find myself once again disappointed by that.

open society debate

I seen a post today from a friend of mine that I found interesting and got me thinking about this feeling I have been recently: he was mentioning that he doesn’t understand why people post negative comments on Facebook and other social media, and it got me thinking of a number of different things.

Firstly I understand where he is coming from in that people who always post negative comments is very disappointing, but it all depends how he means they do that and how often and personal. Obviously if people are being mean spirited and looking to generate publicity from it then it doesn’t make sense and people would rather not read it and generally just need to be better people . that I totally get.

but having said that, I seen another friend of mine basically telling people to not phone her and ask her to take down her update cos she upsets certain people. Part of me as a libertarian understands her feeling, If they feel the need to say something and I do believe in the value of free speech, they should be able to say something generic about a subject, isn’t that the idea of an open society? and if its your profile, cant you in most respects say whatever you want?

I want to underline if they are attacking someone specifically then they shouldn’t and im not advocating that, but if they are just simply saying for example, I hate Steven Hesse’s blog, now regardless of whether I agree with them or not(yes I agree with them) its their opinion, and If your in this internet world of voicing your opinion you have to be prepared to hear people views and most likely if they do respond it’ll be the opposite of what you thinks right.  I’m not particularly bothered if someone is hateful towards me even, because there is always the option of ignoring that person and if your so affected by what they say, then why are you friends with them? and if they are not that relevant in your life, then why do you care?

I think a lot of the time the person listening very often forgets that the option is there to choice not to treat it seriously, just like people who complain that they dont like a certain programme, there is so much other choice, what ever happened to just saying, ‘this is not for me?’ im not saying if someone does something thats clearly horrible and unnecessary, but if its on the grander scheme of things not that signifanct as it’s simple as someone voicing their opinion, then wouldnt it be better your time spent on things and people you do like?

its abit like whenever I use youtube (which is actually everday) you go onto a youtube video and its abit like going into a mens toilet somewhere, when your there never look below half way, or you’ll see something really horrid. I cant get how people go onto the site and go, ‘now what can I type in today to torture myself with, just so I can comment how shit it is at the end of it’, Why would you do that? why not type in something you really want to see? but the thing is, you have the option of not caring, which I don’t, I’m there to watch the video, and if I do see a bad comment, It doesn’t affect me. It tells me more about the person saying the bad comment than it does me, they need a hug, and need to get a reality check to realise what they are doing. And I dont let it affect my enjoyment of whatever I like, because I choose to not go on like say a Justin Bieber song and go ‘this is ridiculously shit’ because I choose to go ‘this isn’t for me’ because it clearly isn’t. now if he came out and said Steven, I did this song for you and your age group and it was terrible, Id be just the same as I was, ‘this isnt for me’.

the thing is, we cant screen everybody, ‘please only say what I want or agree with’ wouldn’t make us learn, wouldn’t let us educate, wont let us grow and neither will posting harshness on the internet, if it really means that much to you, ring the person and tell them the truth, or if you don’t know them, then you don’t have to care or make the comment. you either like something or don’t  you either deal with something or accept it, there’s no other choice to be made. things is just like you cant please everyone, you cant have everything your own way.

‘we spent our whole lifes searching for, all the things we think we want, and never really knowing what we have”- Kris Roe