Episode 46 Geek Apocalypse podcast with Kirsten Murray Borbjerg!

We recorded a Fun extended Podcast this week with the lovely Kirsten Murray Borbjerg! We talk Comic books, youth work, her danish heritage, english characteristics, big bang theory,being a geek and much more! really lovely women! We also meantion at the end my bike accident that she was unfortunately witness too, but as we say, everything has a silver lining! Wow ….such a hippy! Tis available on itunes and http://www.geekapocalypse.com

Kirsten also meantioned a rather scary doll she owns so here a picture of the doll we were referring to

doll kirsten

think you’ll agree, pretty scary!

Couple of things I need to meantion, the next podcast is with the Brilliant Andrew Hackard that I have already recorded, but itunes are taking a break so it will be released on the 28th rather than christmas day as originally planned! boo hoo mr itunes! Its an epicly fun podcast though so can’t wait for you to hear it!

Our new web series has a twitter account @failureseries and as always you can follow us @geek_apocalypse

so until I speak again! Merry Christmas my fellow geeks! 🙂


twitter account for web series!

For those that don’t know, Geek Apocalypse is currently in the process of making a brand new web series called Looking forward to failure that will be kickstarted early next year! I will write a bigger blog post about how the idea came about in the future and i do hope it goes the way I want it to! aka getting it made but thats kinda obvious!

So if that sounds like fun please do follow the account @failureseries and I will try to update it as often as I can! In the meantime heres is a video blog I did talking about the web series and other fun things we are up to!

Steven on NE1.fm today!

ne1 fm logo

Steven will be on regional radio station Ne1.fm in Newcastle as a guest for Mark and Vivs show at 1pm where he will be revealing loads of exclusive upcoming content for Geek Apocalypse! So if your in the Newcastle area please have a listen or listen online here:  http://www.ne1fm.net/listen/

Enjoy being a  geek!

My Music, thoughts and updates

wow its been three weeks since I updated this blog, I really need to keep up with this! Which is only fair to talk about why I have had a break in posting here.

Firstly I got given a summer contract to work as a youth worker which was totally unexpected, so I went from having a free summer to getting offered a contract that I couldn’t turn down. Gutter as I had so much plans such as going to Edinburgh fringe! Not that I’m complaining. Maybe at some point I will write about the disadvantages and advantages of being freelance, because definitely one thing that’s a shame is no paid holidays. But anyway I digress!

The two major things I have been working on is my web series and Geek Apocalypse gigs in Newcastle!  We are progress well in both of them and I am going to meetings and trying to find a principal cast for the show so I can then plan on when we are going to make it so I can then kickstart it and see if we can get the money, What I can say about it is I’m very excited about it and I’m proud of it so I really want to see it made. but the thing is its still early days and rather a slow burner until we are ready to put the thing up! but lets see what we can do and I plan on doing a video blog as my new thing so in the first one I will talk about it!! So ill keep you posted!

In all honesty though I cant see that happening to middle of next year, but I am trying With my friend James to do the gigging by the end of the year. So if we can do that we will. I want it to be different than an open mic or brand new gig in that I want to use the people we both know to make it a multi layered event. Ill say no more just in case it doesn’t happen but I’m confident it will but what I will say is I will be hosting if it does and i think it will be well worth doing if it does happen.

The one thing though that I have been doing now that I am finished work is playing guitar a huge amount. I never had time in the past other than teaching kids guitar when I taught at the beginning of the year. So the mice are once again hanging themselves in my house as I’ve been writing and singing a lot and here are some of the results!  I will be posting regularly again from now on so please do subscribe to my blog if you can handle the pain! also our latest episode of the podcast featuring Cal Fraser will be online later at http://www.geekapocalypse.com and itunes! 

I’m away for 6 days from today in bury St Edmonds and I may be posting if i can get internet there 🙂 


award winning game designer Matt Leacock(pandemic, forbidden island) on Geek Apocalypse podcast!

new logoI know there will some people who will read this and quite rightly question my sincerity, but I really am so unbelievably shocked at the amount of great guests I’ve had on the show since I started Geek Apocalypse! And this week is no exception as we have the fabulous Matt Leacock on the show! He genuinely has designed some of my favourite games, pandemic is one of my favourite games of all time and the fact that he does primarily co-op games makes me very happy! imagine playing an awesome game where the object is to beat the board as opposed to beating each other? so I can definately regard this as a ticky box moment, which ironically is a name I used to dance under….

In order to be able to record the podcast I had to get up on 6am with the time difference and Matt’s availability the reason why. So I decided to work on my web series script 2013-03-30 11.57.11while I waited rather than doing the sensible thing of sleeping beforehand (told you I’m not clever). I highly recommend not doing that and trying to sleep at 7.30 am, body clock still hasn’t reset properly as I’m writing this! but as i said on the podcast it wasn’t a burden at all, I got the chance to talk to some of my favourite designers, by simply asking him via email! Sometimes the simplest thing to do is ask and not over think it! Also his games have been featured on the web series show tabletop with wil wheaton! if you dont believe me he is last episode 2 weeks ago!

so please do check out the podcast if you havent already at www.geekapocalypse.com/shows and on itunes a few hours after this post! during the podcast we meantioned that his daughter had made him a looking for players flag, well here is a picture of what he showed me on video call!


its awesome being a geek :)!

update on lack of blogs! busy busy bee honey writing web series!

IMAG3537Ι am aware I haven’t wrote anything in a while and it has been bothering me, because in totally honesty, I really enjoy writing this blog. every since I have written stuff down from around 14 years old, it is very much therapy for me. And those that know me know I very much need as much therapy as I can get! which does sound funny but is also very much true! I am just always hopeful that its fun crazy more than any other type of crazy. Ill pause now as any friend reading this politely nods….

by the way I’ve had a blog in my drafts folder for a while now, where I have wrote about that very subject, and for various reasons I have never been able to press the publish button, mainly because it needs work and I don’t feel its the right time to dedicate my time telling my story on that.Maybe its the feeling of if I go ill go all the way kind of feeling.  But one day I definitely will, especially with the importance of talking about mental health being reminded with Stephen fry admitting his struggles recently. It will always be important to talk about it because my immediate reaction to Stephens admission  is that I hope one day mental health wont be debated, but understood. And if i can help that happen by even one person knowing my side of that then it will be worth doing, just like my mam talking about her parkinson illness, the more people that know the better everyone can understand the condition. but like i say, one day ill talk about it fully from my point of view,

but the truth is in regards to my blog inactivity, is that I have been ridiculously busy after uk expo. not only did I do two blogs during the weekend and then have to edit two podcasts, but Most of my recent time has been spent writing a web series. My basic and rather tragic failings after uni was I tried to get into the BBC as a producer and got very close to doing so. now one of the things they ask you to do is write a pilot, so I wrote a show called looking forward to failure! now ever since I wrote it, it has been on my old computer that i originally thought Id lost the data for . but, I came up with the genius solution (ok my cousin did, but he isn’t here to take the credit!) to buy the casing for a external hard drive so i could reuse my old hard drive. So through the wonder of magic commonly known as technology, hey presto! I could get my data of it and there it was, my old series pilot!  So, after willing myself to think it wont suck balls, I decided to read it, and yeah it needed work ,but it got me feeling passionate about writing again. And some of it made me laugh which I very rarely do in regards to my own material. So I decided there and then to commit my spare time to write this and see if i could make it a web series!

its funny, I really don’t believe in coincidences or that the stars align and all the pieces fall right into place,(I’m a scorpio that ain’t gonna happen-joke) but I know things can influence me. coupled with the good fortune of finding the script I have been watching so many web series, that it made me realise that something like this can be possible if I put my mind to it. It’s really weird though, cos like I said right at the beginning of this blog I really struggle with having to be over confident in making something happen but with business and creative pursuits you kinda have to be. With a web series you kind have to have the mindset that it will be made then it will be successful in order to have the motivation to make it happen in the first place. Or at least I have to, which makes me sad because all i really want to do is to see it made but anyone that writes something that says that  they don’t care if its not successful are simply not telling the truth.  

Ultimately, I think if i don’t dedicate all my time to it ill slack of and then lose the desire to complete it ,and to be honest, I do that far too often that I might never complete any idea ever! so other than my regular schedule of podcasting and freelance work, I’m trying desperately to get the script ready by finishing the final episode of the first season so I can then try and  get it to the next stage! then theres figure out the kickstarter project so if anyone says to me in the next few days, Steven you dont work hard, you may not see them again!

because the things that are worth working hard for, are the reason they are hard in the first place!



i did an interview where i talked about Geek apocalypse in detail! if your interested here it it is!